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Most stats have a primary benefit as well as a secondary benefit. This is partly because of the fact that stats such as STA and INT already have secondary benefits built into the client, such as +HP and +Mana. There are actually ways around these benefits such as having the charm slot that you get near the beginning of the game have scaling HP/Mana that will cancel out those benefits but I believe that the stats can be balanced keeping that in mind.

Below are major stats and how they have been adjusted. All other stats currently have default support. Something to keep in mind is that if something is not listed above it there is a chance it has no use currently (+Atk, resists, etc). On the topic of resists, I really do not have any desire to make any stat that reduces the damage that certain spell types do. Spell damage from mobs should be thought of as unmitigatable, but not always unavoidable.

Major Stats

Strength (STR)

  • Increases physical damage by 1.5% per point, this includes auto attacks as well as combat abilities that do damage
  • Increases damage of pets
  • Increases carrying weight. This is actually more useful then it seems up front due to the starting stats of the races and the weight of bags. To have a frame of reference the starting bags that you can find as rarer type drops or quest rewards clock in at about 8.0 weight and have 4-6 slots, and most races have about a base STR of ~3. General items have no weight, only bags. There will of course be bags that you can get that weight significantly less with more slots, but those are either going to be rare, or incredibly expensive.

Agility (AGI)

  • Increases dodge chance; 3 agility = 1% chance to dodge, this applies only to auto attacks
  • Increases run speed

Dexterity (DEX)

  • Increases attack speed by 1% per point
  • Increases cast speed by .5% per point
  • The attack and cast speed increases are multiplicative with haste % from items

Stamina (STA)

  • Increases rune magnitude by 1% per point
  • Increases damage done with damage shields by 1% per point
  • Increases HP/STA (client behavior)
  • Increases HP of pets

Intelligence (INT)

  • Increases spell damage by 2% per point.
  • Increases client viewable Mana for Spellblades and Elementalists, but this has no impact on actual total mana

Wisdom (WIS)

  • Increases healing by 2% per point
  • Increases client viewable Mana for Clerics of Crysta, but this has no impact on actual total mana

Charisma (CHA)

  • Currently serves no purpose

Armor Class (AC)

  • Increases mitigation for auto attacks by 1% per point up to 35 AC from items. After 35 AC from items there is a diminishing return on the mitigation per point.

Health Points (HP)

On vanilla EQ this stat is useful to an extent but generally is weaker next to mitigation stats because preventing damage is way better than just being allowed to take more damage, because that would just mean you had more health to heal. But in this game self heals are going to be % heals, meaning that they will heal a % of your health. +HP sources also increase your pets hp by the same amount.


Mana cost of spells is going to be based off a % of your base mana value. For example, if you have a base mana pool of 1000, but with your equipment +500 mana (1500 total), a spell that costs 20 mana (20%) will actually cost you 200 mana and not 300 mana. This is because mana costs on spells take a % of your base mana, not total mana. Mana regen effects however will scale by your total mana pool, not just your base, meaning that with base 2% regen you would get back 30 mana with the above example.


Currently I am not planning on making this stat available on items, and I do not want it to be a resource system that mimics mana, except with a yellow bar.