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  • All active abilities such as kick, bash or even backstab will serve no purpose unless otherwise noted.
  • Skill levels serve no purpose, nor does training skills at a GM.
  • Self healing heals you for a % of your max hp, healing others instead heal up to %value * 4 (both values scale with heal multipliers)
    • For example: Crysta's Soothing heals yourself for 15% of your maximum hp, but will heal others for up to 60 flat hp.


Everyone initially start as a refugee, as sort of an introduction class. It will have all the shared skills that the normal classes receive but more generic versions of those skills. Exp rates are increased during the levels as a refugee, meaning these should go past pretty quickly. At level 5, one of the classes below can and should be taken. Some of these abilities will not be usable until level 2.

  • Dodge - You will dodge the next attack that would otherwise have successfully hit you. 18sec CD
  • Force - Small ranged spell dd that costs mana
  • Bind Wound - Terrible heal that costs stamina. 8sec CD


Transcluded from Bard. (edit | history)

The bard has a unique resource system that revolves around using Rhythmic Swing to generate mana to play songs which generates stamina which will allow for more Rhythmic Swinging. Just for references I will call this system 'Songweaving'. Other then that all bard spells take 3 seconds to perform unless otherwise noted. This excludes the dodge and taunt abilities, which are instant for all classes.

Cleric of Crysta

Transcluded from Cleric of Crysta. (edit | history)

Clerics of Crysta are followers of Crysta, The Stormcaller, whose storms can range from a light sprinkling to a full fledge lightning or snow storm. These clerics are imbued with powers that mimic their deity, not just supernaturally but physically as well. Just like all pure mana based characters, clerics will regen 2% of their max mana per tick.


Transcluded from Warrior. (edit | history)

Warriors are probably innately the sturdiest of all the classes. They focus primarily on physical fighting, either through taking it or dealing it. Their unique resource system is called Momentum which is described below.


Transcluded from Elementalist. (edit | history)

The Elementalist is a caster that uses and combines the elements of fire, water, earth and air to perform devastating attacks or to protect and renew their allies. They are closest thing to a traditional caster in the game but just like all other classes are not solely limited to the glass-cannon type. Just like all pure mana based characters, elementalists will regen 2% of their max mana per tick.

Elementalists also have a unique system called "Attunement", whenever they cast either a fire, water, earth or air spell they will be granted a short temporary buff corresponding to the element they casted. Each buff lasts for 12 seconds, but may fade early if the player casts certain spells depending on the attunement type. The buffs granted are described below.


Transcluded from Spellblade. (edit | history)

The Spellblade is a caster that utilizes melee to fuel their attacks through the use of kinetic and arcane energies to fight their foes and protect their allies. Spellblades will regen 2% of their max mana per tick like the pure mana classes do.


Transcluded from Agent . (edit | history)

The Agent is a stealthy fighter that excels at mobility, surprise and manipulation. Very lite in ally support, they instead prefer to debuff their opponents to gain an advantage. As the only class to natively get an invisibility they make great scouts, or in the off occasion, corpse recoverers. (Agent will be only class able to utilized Sneak + Hide)